Sunday Photowalk

The last Sunday wasn't the best day for a street photo. It was raining now and then, it was cold and windy, yet there were lot of people in streets. I walked for about one hour and brought home five photos. It was about twenty RAWs, but only five photos. Not great, but I'm happy with it.

I met some architecture students drawing... well, architecture. They were sitting on different places in few streets, so I have the freedom to pick one I like most. This girl sitting under the arc won the contest. Also, I met a lot of tourists that weren't lazy enough to stay at hotel because of unfortunate weather. And one guy washing a house. I tried to take shot from below and I quickly came to understanding why weather-sealed cameras and lens are a thing nowadays.

It was short photowalk becaue I didn't want to get sick and ended it before freezing to the bone. Cold beer wasn't helping much either.